Bolt-Load of Links: 5/2 Chargers Links

The lockout has gotten so bad, a Chargers don't even have entrance to a camera that's in-focus.

Gee, final night was crazy, wasn’t it?  we don’t know about we guys (and gals), yet we was glued to my TV all night long. we was unresolved on each word, concerned to see what they would contend next. Information was entrance out during breakneck speed and we usually couldn’t trust what we was indeed hearing.

I’ll tell you, ESPN certainly does go all out with their post-draft coverage.  Oh yeah, and Osama bin Laden is passed (not certain if you’d listened that yet).

Today, speak around a H2O cooler will expected be dominated by bin Laden, and afterwards substantially transition into a Draft.  There competence even be a small speak about a lockout and CBA. What creates a breeze sexier yet is that it’s a clarity of “normalcy” in football. We all know a breeze is supposed to happen. And when it does, a creatures of robe that we are, we revelry in a normalcy.

Anyway, I’m doing links a small bit differently today. I’m indeed organisation things together by ubiquitous topics.  Enough blabbering, onto a links.

Chargers Draft Coverage


AFC West Draft Coverage

NFL Draft Coverage

Labor Negotiations

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